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Virtual Wine & Spirit Education Classes

Spirit Eduction Classes

Come learn how to stir and shake cocktails through our virtual mixology classes. We explain the tools and tricks of the trade, all while making both classic and original cocktails.  This class is sure to expand your home bartending game.  

Wine Education Classes

Enjoy growing your knowledge of unique grapes, wines, and wine regions all while sitting in the comfort of your home. We explain how to taste wine properly so you can increase your appreciation of the nuances of each bottle you pop open. This class is sure to bring out the oenophile in everyone. 

What our clients say about us . . .


"Teakwood Tavern Hospitality has partnered with National Liberty Museum to virtually provide cocktail demonstrations for our event series Cocktails with a Cause. Not only do Shenandoah and John research and find cocktails that fit the topic, themes, and time periods of each of our events – they thoughtfully explain why the drink was chosen, the importance and each ingredient, and share best practice for creating delicious, accessible cocktails at home. They are knowledgeable, professional, and great educators! Our audience, and staff, look forward to learning the history of spirits and drinks and how they relate to our cause each night."


Lyssa Horvath

Museum Educator

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Menu Consulting

Whether its pairing wines for a dinner party or creating themed cocktails for a celebration, let our wine and spirit professionals contribute to your perfect event.  




We are not currently offering this service due to COVID-19. But we look forward to catering your local event in the future.