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Making the most of 2020!

Hello Teakwood Tavern Hospitality family!

We apologize for not publishing any articles or videos since Thanksgiving. We’ve been busy behind the scenes and closing out the year. A year that has been like no other. But a year that brought about Teakwood Tavern Hospitality, LLC so it wasn’t all bad.

This little business of ours has grown a lot over the past eight months. Yes, eight months have passed since we turned a hobby into a legitimate business. We’ve had a lot of fun and learned so much. Still, Teakwood Tavern Hospitality has plenty of room for growth, and we look to sharing that growth with all of you!

Since we’re sharing, let’s discuss some of the wonderful things that have happened in 2020.

Teakwood Tavern Hospitality’s branding

Hopefully by now, you’ve seen Teakwood Tavern Hospitality’s sleek new logos. We’re really excited about these two masterpieces:


We have Danny Parker to thank for these incredible logos. Danny is John’s oldest bestie. While that alone is an amazing accomplishment by itself, he’s a super talented artist too! You might have seen a few of his film or tv posters before, like this:

We never could have imagined that our logos would turn out so perfect! We love the art deco design, the colors, and the symbolism of the grapes, wheat, agave, and herb. It’s everything we wanted in logos.

We loved them so much we put them on aprons!!!

Thanks, Danny!!!

Services we provide

We recently learned some of our followers were unaware of the services we provide. Let’s remedy that for everyone who’s still reading this far!

Virtual wine classes

From introductory wine classes to in-depth masterclasses on specific wine regions or grape varietals, our virtual classes are designed for the wine lover of every knowledge level. We can customize to the client’s specific interests or dive deep into topics such as How to Taste Wine, Volcanic Island Wines, Sherry, Madeira, Orange Wines, and many others.

Virtual spirit & cocktail classes

From introductory cocktail classes to in-depth masterclasses on spirits or techniques, our virtual classes are designed for cocktail enthusiasts of every skill level. We can customize to the client’s specific interests or dive deep into topics that we love teaching such as Classic Cocktails, Modern Classics, Exploring Amaro, Understanding Vermouth, and many others.

Personalized videos On Demand

Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone together for a Zoom call, but you still want to share an experience. That’s where our personalized videos fit. We follow the framework of the virtual classes, but record the session so the clients can watch it at their own leisure.

Specialty cocktails

If you want a signature cocktail for your home bar or for an upcoming event, we can construct a delicious elixir that perfectly matches your palate or the event’s theme.

Specialty non-alcoholic beverages

Not everyone wants booze, but that doesn’t mean those individuals are relegated to boring beverages. We love creating non-alcoholic beverages that are every bit as packed with flavor as the cocktails we make.

Cocktails with a Cause

We’re incredibly fortunate for the lasting partnership that we’ve had with the National Liberty Museum. The museum is located in the heart of historic Philadelphia and brings liberty to life through stories of people whose character and courage have expanded liberty for all.

The museum’s Cocktails with a Cause events are virtual happy hour style series highlighting discussions about liberty. Teakwood Tavern Hospitality demonstrates two cocktails that fit the particular event’s theme. We also provide the recipes to those cocktails. These events usually run about an hour.

Our partnership with the National Liberty Museum began in July of 2019 and it is set to resume in 2021. We will let you know when the 2021 schedule is published. We hope you join to support us and this phenomenal museum.

Clandestine Kitchen

We are very excited for our upcoming affiliation with Clandestine Kitchen. Clandestine Kitchen is a “total body wellness” brand, fusing together clean nutrition with other important facets of healthy living such as fitness, beauty, fashion, and surrounding oneself with good, positive vibes. Teakwood Tavern Hospitality will contribute to Clandestine Kitchen’s Wellness Blog. Please follow along as we provide beverage recipes and wine and spirit education.

Two newest videos

Below are our two newest YouTube videos where we make a Chrysanthemum and Scofflaw. We not only demonstrate how to make these delicious classic cocktails, but we also dive deep into topics such as vermouth and drinking during prohibition.

If you haven’t watched any of our recent videos, we highly recommend that you watch the following two. Our video making skills have improved immensely over the past few months.

The Chrysanthemum:

The Scofflaw:

Upcoming articles and videos

We are working on some fun articles and videos that will hit your inbox soon!

John will be tackling one of wine’s greatest food pairings: Muscadet (Melon de Bourgogne) and oysters. You’ll want to slurp down both the article and video!

Shen will cover Bordeaux's ultimate aromatized wine, Lillet. Stay malaria free with the French quinine apertif that covers the wine spectrum with a blanc, rose, and rouge.

Past articles

In case you haven't kept up with our past work, here are links to our 2020 posts:


Spirits & Cocktails

Damn . . . we've been busy.

Last Call

We can't express how thankful we are for your support over the last eight months. No doubt 2021 will be an exciting year for us all. We're excited to see your beautiful faces in person again and hug each of you tightly. We are also bursting with new ideas to share!

In the meantime, if you are looking for a fun twist on a virtual family gathering, please don't hesitate to holler. We bring a party!

Until we meet again, sending love to you all!


Shen & John

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