Wine Education Classes

From introductory wine classes to in-depth masterclasses on specific wine regions or grape varietals, our virtual classes are designed for the wine lover of every knowledge level. We can customize to the client’s specific interests or dive deep into topics such as:

  • Wine 101

  • Volcanic island wines - wines bursting with character

  • Sherry series - systematic perfection

  • Austrian wines - what to drink while blasting Mozart

  • Rhone Valley - battle of North vs. South

  • Madeira series - mistakes happen . . . thankfully

  • German riesling - we will make you a believer

  • Loire Valley - stepping outside of Sancerre's shadow

  • Beaujolais - your new best friend

  • Australian whites - it's not all about Big Red

  • Orange wines - adding a new color to your wine  

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